Pacific Links International - Growing the Game

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Pacific Links 인터내셔널의 급속한 발전



2012년도에 시작된 Pacific Links 인터내셔널은 11개의 골프장을 소유하고 있으며 100군데 이상의 클럽들과 연계함으로써 순식간에 급성장하고 있다.  작년에는 Pacific Links International Club Network Limited 인수했을 아니라  Las Vegas Dragon ridge Country Club Orange County Dove Canyon Golf Club 인수했다.

이와 같은 인수로 인해  Pacific Links 멤버들은 북미, 호주, 아시아 지역의 권위 있는 프라이빗 클럽을 사용할 있게 되었다.  PGA Tour TPC 네트워크와의 상호 연계로 인해  서로 여러 군데의 골프 코스를 사용할 있게 되었다.  프로그램으로 TPC Passport 프로그램의 23군데의 TPC 코스와  Heritage Golf Group 23군데의 코스를 사용할 있게 되었다.


멤버쉽 프로그램인 Pacific Links Golf 네트워크는 여행을 자주 하고 다양한 골프장과 프라이빗 클럽의 서비스를 즐기려는 멤버들에게는 아주 적절한 프로그램이다.  혁신적이고 적절한 수준의 멤버쉽 비용으로  Pacific Links Golf 네트워크 멤버들은 일년 동안 클럽에서 3 골프를 즐길 있으며 주거 지역에서 일년 동안 6번의 라운딩을 즐길 있다.


앞으로 3년간 Pacific Links 추가로 북미 지역의 모든 주요 도시의 150군데 골프장을 연계할 계획이다.   Canada, Australia, Asia, New Zealand  같은 다른 나라 아니라 New York, Florida, Arizona, California, Pennsylvania 지역을 목표로 삼고 있다.  캐나다에 본부를 두고 있는 골프 운영회사가 최근  World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) 라이센스를 받았으며 미국과 캐나다 양국에서 라이센스를 가질 예정이다.  많은 정보나 클럽리스트를 원하면 www.pacificlinks.com 방문하기 바란다.

Pacific Links International – Growing the Game



Pacific Links International has experienced rapid growth since it debuted in 2012, increased its portfolio to include 11 signature-owned courses and more than 100 affiliate and reciprocal clubs. In the past year, Pacific Links has announced the acquisition of top-rated courses such as Dove Canyon Golf Club in Orange County and Dragon Ridge Country Club in Las Vegas as well as the acquisition of virtual assets from International Club Network Limited.


This expansion has allowed Pacific Links to offer members a prestigious private club experience at premier golf destinations around the world - including locations throughout North America, Australia and Asia. A reciprocal play partnership withPGA TOUR’s TPC Network grants members of each organization mutual access to both group’s collection of courses. The agreement includes properties in the TPC Passport Program, which features 23 TPCs and more than a dozen clubs in the Heritage Golf Group.


The newest membership program, Pacific Links Golf Network, is perfect for golfers who travel extensively, enjoy playing a variety of courses or simply want the service and prestige of a private club. An innovative and affordable membership option, Pacific Links Golf Network members can enjoy a maximum of three rounds per year at any one club and six rounds per year within the member’s primary residential region.


Pacific Links plans to continue its impressive growth and introduce an additional 150 affiliate golf clubs in the next three years with a presence in every major metropolitan golf destination in North America. Clubs in New York, Florida, Arizona, California and Pennsylvania will be specifically targeted as well as several international markets such as Canada, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. The Canadian-based golf management company has signed on to become the latest World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) License Holder and will take the license in both the United States and Canada. For more information, and a full list of clubs, visit www.pacificlinks.com.

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