Tactical Golf Playing Smarter Not Harder

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Tactical Golf   

Playing Smarter Not Harder

By Rick Johnson PGA


After playing this wonderful and fulfilling game for over 35 years with players from all over the world and of all different abilities and backgrounds I think I have learned a few things about how to maximize performance. One thing I notice consistently wrong even among so called “expert” or “experienced” golfers is the lack of care to properly approach the course from a tactical point of view.


Most golfers walk up to the tee box, plant their tee in the ground any place between the markers and proceed to tee-off. Unless playing a par 3, most don’t even take the time to choose the right club and even fewer take the time to choose where on the tee they should play from or where they specifically want to hit the ball. Golfers need to learn to play holes backwards in there minds and take into consideration many variables. Aside form consideration of the distance, wind, landing areas, trouble, elevation changes, club selection, lie, course obstacles, hazards etc. that you should be evaluating on each shot, golfers should also be checking the layout of each hole. Conditions change on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis. Never take anything for granted no matter how familiar you are with a given course


Start your evaluation process by observing the pin location of upcoming holes while playing the round and asking yourself some questions. Is the hole in the front, middle or back of the green? Is the pin located on the left side, middle or right side of the green? Is the pin near any abnormal circumstances like hills, mounds, bunkers etc? How much room for error do I have if attacking the pin? Is the reward worth the potential risk? And finally, given an average round what are my chances of success? If your chances are not better than 50/50 you should choose an alternate target i.e. like the middle of the green. Once you have chosen a target, play the hole backwards in your mind from that point.


Then ask yourself, wherever my target is located, from what area of the fairway gives me the best angle into that target? Generally if the target is on the right, playing my approach shot from the left side of the hole gives me more room for error and a better chance to attack the flag. This way of playing allows for wider openings to the target with less time over potential bad spots like rough, water or sand. Sometimes we may find it is better to lay up from the tee on a hole to give us a better shot at a pin placement, a full swing as opposed to lesser half or ¾ swing and/or to avoid trouble spots on the course.


Next after you determine the best position from which to approach the green target, you must then plan your tee-shot. If coming in from the left side of the fairway to the green target is best, then you should hit from the right side of the tee. Using such a process tends to limit the amount you might go right and tends to “open up” the area to the left side of the hole. Generally you play from the same side of the tee as those areas you want to avoid on the course and the opposite side of the tee from the side you want to hit toward. Areas to avoid on the course are: bad lies, uneven lies, rough, trees/bushes, obstacles, sand, water hazards, out of bounds or areas where a ball could be come lost. I tried to rank these obstacles based on severity but each golfer must do his own evaluation. When faced by trouble on both sides, hit away from the one that is more penalizing.


Follow these simple recommendations and you should hit more fairways, greens and fewer trouble spots in you round. This process is your first step to becoming a better shot maker. If you have additional topics you would like to see discussed please, write us and let us know. Happy Golfing


전술적인 골프   

현명하게, 어렵게

존슨, PGA of America A Class


이렇게 굉장하고 성취감을 주는 게임을 각기 다른 배경을 가진 전세계 각급 선수들과 함께 35 넘게 해보니 경기력을 최대화하는 방법 가지를 터득하게 같다. 소위 전문가혹은 베테랑골퍼라고 불리는 사람들에게서도 지속적으로 발견되는 하나는 전술적 관점에서 코스에 적절하게 접근하려는 신중함이 부족하다는 점이다.


대부분의 골퍼들은 티박스로 걸어가서 마커 사이 아무데나 티를 꽂아 넣고는 티샷을 친다. 3 치는 경우가 아니라면 대부분 올바른 클럽을 고르는 시간조차 할애하지 않으며, 티박스 어느 위치에서 것인지 그리고 공을 정확히 어디로 치고 싶은지 결정하는 시간을 들이는 사람은 더더욱 적다. 골퍼들은 마음 속에서 홀을 거꾸로 치는 법을 배우는 한편 많은 변수들을 고려해야 한다. 골퍼들은 샷에서 가늠해야 하는 거리, 바람, 낙하 지점, 트러블, 고도 변화, 클럽 선택, 라이, 코스 장애물, 해저드 등을 염두에 두는 것은 물론이고, 홀의 레이아웃도 점검해야 한다. 코스 조건은 날마다, 일주일마다, 달마다, 계절마다 변한다. 주어진 코스에 아무리 익숙하더라도 어떤 것도 당연시 여기지 말아야 한다.


다가오는 홀의 위치를 살펴보는 것으로 평가 과정을 시작하고, 플레이 하는 동안 가지 질문을 자기 자신에게 던져 보라. 홀의 위치는 그린의 정면인가, 중간인가, 뒤인가? 핀의 위치는 그린의 왼쪽인가, 중간인가, 오른쪽인가? 가까이에 언덕, 둔덕, 벙커 같은 비정상적인 환경이 있는가? 핀을 공략할 실수를 범할 여지는 얼마나 되는가? 잠재적 위험보다 득이 큰가? 그리고 마지막으로, 평균적인 라운드를 성공할 확률은 얼마나 되는가? 확률이 50 50 된다면 대안적으로 그린 중간 같은 타깃을 선택해야 한다. 일단 타깃을 정하고 나면 마음 속으로

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