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럭서리한 리조트와 100개가 넘는 골프코스의 경험

2018-07-04 14:14
럭서리한 리조트와 100개가 넘는 골프코스의 경험
아리조나 메리디안 콘도 리조트

이 지역을 골퍼의 천국으로 만들고 태양의 사막에서 경기가 진행되는 동안 게임의 미묘함을 공유하는 하이라이트와 숨겨진 보물을 발견하도록 도와준다.스코츠 데일 골프 탐험을 가장 즐거운 휴가로 만드는 것을 약속한다.
저렴한 무제한 골프(UNLIMITED GOLF)의 본거지 인 Meridian Condo Resorts는 20 년 동안 STAY & PLAY Packages의 선두 주자이다.패키지의 멋진 코스는 사막 스타일의 레이아웃, 극적인 고도 변화 및 숨막히는 경치를 제공 한다. 놀랍게도 UNLIMITED GOLF Stay & Play 패키지는 1 박당 79 달러부터 시작한다.
렌트카 준비에서 필연적으로 발생하는 마지막 순간의 모든 변화에 이르기까지 골프 휴가의 모든 뉘앙스를 처리한다. 이러한 편의를 통해 골프에 대한 모든 관심을 독점적으로 관리 할 수 있다. 매일 아침 새로워지고 결정은 갱신되며, 사막 골프의 도전을 통해 자신의 코스를 차트로 만들 준비가 된다.

카트 비용이 비싸고 비가 올 가능성이 있는 머틀 비치 (Merrtle Beach) 및 기타 골프장과 달리 메리디안 콘도 리츠 (Meridian Condo Resorts)에서 는 카트 비용과 화창한 날씨 등 모든 것이 포함되어 있다. 일생 동안의 맞춤식 골프 휴가를 마련하고 골프 휴가 전문가와 직접 이야기 하면 보다 즐거운 골프여행을 즐길수 있다.
보다 자세한 내용은 웹사이트 를 방문 하거나
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Experience a luxury resort and over 100 golf courses
Arizona Meridian Condo Resorts

Enjoy the most luxury vacation in Meridian Condo Resorts in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are resort style sparkling pool, spa, wallpool spa, the cutting edge fitness center and other convenient facilities expected at the resort. The convenient facilities and huge condo suites are completely ready. There are kitchen, extra living room and eating area, barbeque and indoor laundry facility. This facility is perfect for families, friends for golf vacation or couples for romantic vacation. The first impression of the 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms are extended and bright space. Decorated with luxury and gorgeous style, each condo is highlighted with masterpieces from the local craftsmen. Each suite room is modern and provides information for staying, social gathering and eating space.

Since 1995, Meridian Condo Resorts of Scottsdale has changed art of golf vacation to science. The luxury huge condo combined with convenient facilities and service of resorts. Meridian offers tea time at 100 golf facilities in Arizona. For those who do not play golf, there are various activities and travel packages for every preferences and styles.

Scottsdale, Arizona – Golf!
Over 100 courses selected from tea time network, it is pleasure to prepare for golf package for golf enthusiasts. There are recommended courses with golf course review from knowledgeable and professional staff.

Natural view of Arizona is unmatched. It helps visitors to enjoy adventurous activities, exotic view trip or historical and cultural trip by planning their trips. It is professional to serve huge golf travel teams.

Achievement, memorable experience
1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury condos ranked as No. 1 by TripAdvisor is for golfers. Visitors can feel comfortable atmosphere like family house in the middle of Scottsdale, Arizona.
Visitors can choose beds and style of beds for their parties.
For athletes, beds are longer and luxury for good sleep.
In a living room, there is a 60” smart TV, and in each room, there is a 55” smart TV. Beautifully decorated living room / eating area / full kitchen floor plan make staying and golf trip be memorable! Each condo offers free Wi-Fi, garage or assigned parking spot, laundry.

It is the No. 1 tea time provider in Arizona and offers perfect golf package at the hundreds of courses.
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It is family-owned business for over 22 years and confident in kindly care and customer service for visitors!
Meridian Condo Resorts is surrounded by championship golf courses, great restaurants, shopping and hiking. It is closer to Barrett Jackson, TPC, Top Golf, Dolphinaris. It is confident with 5 star customer service and satisfies visitors requests with 24 hours concierge service. Inquire night, affordable weekdays and weekends fee, car rent and golf package!
It is good for big parties, family vacation, alumni meeting, wedding and long-term residential.
It offers “local information” and complements courses of game for well-known “must go” courses and who seeks new challenges. Golf package is designed to match course preference, skill level and desire for game for group size and budget. As a player is pleasure to have “customized” clubs, it believes that a player is satisfied with vacation.

It helps the region to be heaven of golfers find games' incredible highlights and hidden treasure. It promises to make Scottsdale golf travel be the most enjoyable vacation.
Meridian Condo Resorts which is a base of inexpensive unlimited golf has been a leading company for STAY & PLAY Packages for 20 years. The fine courses of packages offer dessert-style layout, dramatic elevation and breathtaking view. Surprisingly, UNLIMITED GOLF Stay & Play package begins with $79/day.
From a rent car to unexpected change at the last minute, it cares all of golf vacation. Through this service, it is able to manage all concerns of golf exclusively.

Unlike Merrtle Beach where cart fee is expensive and has higher percentage of rain and other golf courses, Meridian Condo Resorts includes less expensive cart fee and clear weather. For more enjoayble golf trip, have the perfect customized golf trip and be advised by golf vacation professionals.

For more information, visit or call 480.596.1919 • 800.213.6446