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타수를 줄이는 신비로운 숏게임/세라 황 프로

kyu yang
2018-09-21 06:47
타수를 줄이는 신비로운 숏게임

The key to lower your score: Short Game Practice
Sera Hwang / Graduate of Choongang University, LPGA Apprentice, Lesson Professional at Olympic Golf Zone
The importance of short game is evident to anyone who has ever picked up the game of golf. You can practice at the driving range all you want, working on your driver and iron game, but once you hit the field, your short game will kill you as you are just stuck at the green.
Short game is one of biggest weapons you can use to improve your score, so low-handicap golfers or seasoned players probably allot 80% of his/her practice time to short game and putting practices.
Two most important elements of short game is to control your distance and to control your swing tempo.
In order to control your distance, you need to work on the size of your back swing and follow through.
For instance, in a 30-feet approach shot, you maybe need a swing from your knee to knee. Both your back swing and follow through need to pass only from your right to left knees, and what makes the difference there is your club choice.
If you are low-handicap golfer who can use 60 or 58 degrees well, then it wouldn’t be a problem, but if there is a bunker or other obstacles between your position and the green, you need to elevate the ball, which will add more to your worries.
In a time like this, you need to lay down your club face flat; maintain your back swing slow, and speed up as you approach impact with the ball. Of course, even with this shot, you need to utilize your shoulders and make sure to keep your eyes on the ball. Your right foot needs to maintain an open stance, and your weight needs to stay on the left foot as you swing.
So in sum, to control your distance, you need to understand the size of your back swing and follow through, and remember different angles of wedges and lofts; then you can work on your shots to control more precisely and attack the hole.
And you need to maintain the tempo of your swing.
It is good to have confidence when you swing, but if you are over eager to make a swing (and do it too fast) or if you lift up your head to check the result of your shots, then it will yield disastrous results.
Success in your short game is correlated to amount of your practice. So whenever you are on the field or at the practice range, work more on your short game.
You will begin to understand that the key to mystery of lowering your score by 5 strokes is your short game.