Lydia Ko’s Unique Rosemark Putter Grip Now Available Worldwide

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World #1 Player Leads Tour in Wins, Putting Average in 2016


The Rosemark putter grip has come into great prominence in the last year as it is used by one of the most dominant golfers on the planet, World #1 Lydia Ko.  Ko is once again in the spotlight heading into this week’s U.S. Women’s Open where she is seeking her 3d Major Championship in less than a year.  She is already the youngest 2 time Major Champion of all time.


Using the Rosemark 1.52 Thorn grip, Lydia’s been at the top of the women’s rankings for 36 straight weeks, including 2 Major victories and 7 total wins. In her last start Ko won the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship Presented by P&G and set a tournament scoring record of 17 under par, including one incredible stretch of 13 holes where she blitzed the course at 11 under. Ko is #1 on the money list, #1 in scoring, and #1 in putting for 2016.

Ko first tested the grip while working with her team of instructors last year, including world-renowned Golf Mental coach and short game instructor Dr. Bob Winters, who is part of Ko’s team at the Leadbetter Golf Academy. Tests on the course and in the lab revealed that Lydia’s putting performance improved with the Rosemark grip in every measurable statistic, and she has had the grip on her putter ever since.


Rosemark putter grip technology offers, “tension free putting" for all golfers due to the unique patented shape, which perfectly “maps” the golfer’s hand.  Rosemark putter grips are now available worldwide through Premium Golf Brands, which also owns and distributes SeeMore putters.


Rosemark grips were created when Mark Cokewell, the CEO and Founder of Rosemark, wanted to create a putter grip that fit better in a golfers hand, with a more consistently squared set up, more control, and less tension.  He mapped the hand using experts in biomechanics.  He then also studied other sports and activities where a square, consistent grip is required, and started creating prototypes, with regular input from the worlds best teachers and players.


What Rosemark’s development team came up with was a truly revolutionary, yet pleasingly simple and intuitive, design. All Rosemark grips share the same patented and premium design of a beautifully textured, tapered shape in several sizes with multiple angles in a hexagon shape around the grip, which completely conform to the shape of a hand. Rosemark helps the golfer set up square and keep the putter head square at set up and during the stroke, with the same minimal grip pressure that the best players in the world use. The Rosemark brand has won 3 Major Championships in less than a year.



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