The Most Important Stretch in Golf


Stretch. Swing. Exercise. Repeat. Simply make the MISIG a part of your daily training or warm-up routine by sliding the handle five to six times up the bar per set.  Golfers will quickly develop stronger golf muscles and avoid injuries due to increased flexibility, loosened tendons and muscles, and improved extension.  Along with physical improvements, players will gain a better understanding of the mechanics of the swing.  The MISIG is an incredible stretching device that builds muscle memory and develops a proper takeaway by assisting with feeling the proper transition at the top of the swing allowing for more consistency and improved shot making.

When he was 12 years old, Bernie Fay broke his left humerus, the bone that connects the shoulder to the elbow (or is it the other way round?) during a wrestling bout with a buddy. Decades on, the compound spiral dislocation caused significant arthritis, and the man who had become an avid golfer, getting in 100 or more rounds a year, was unable to complete his backswing without a good deal of pain.

In Norwood Park, 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, Fay worked as a newspaper Currently the building engineer at the Presence Resurrection Medical Center journalist, TV reporter, housebuilder, and business owner in previous lives. He is also an accomplished carpenter (his youtube video showing how to build a Celtic toy chest has almost 130,000 views), tinkering around in his garage whenever he’s not at his day job or on the golf course.

About a year ago, Fay was in his garage stretching his left arm when he spotted a bungee cord on a work bench. Ever the inquisitive experimenter, he tied the cord to his elbow and started pulling it up and away from his body. “It was a fantastic stretch,” he says. “And I soon began thinking about how to develop what I just discovered into a better functioning system of stretching and turning.”

 After a dozen trips to the hardware store and numerous purchases of stretch cords and other parts from the internet, Fay created a rather unsightly prototype. “It consisted of PVC pipe and surgical tubing with a load of awkward nuts and bolts,” he says. “It was very ugly, but it worked!”

Just a few weeks later, Fay was swinging with minimal pain and had extended the length of his backswing considerably. He continued tweaking the design, and a few months after his eureka moment in his garage, he applied for a patent. Shortly after that, Fay began showing it around, and a local PGA professional told him it was a perfect tool for students looking to establish an in-to-in swing path. Turns out Fay’s invention could be used as a swing trainer as well as an exercise/stretching tool.

The rest, he says, is history.

Fay officially launched the product, which he called the ‘Most Important Stretch in Golf’, or MISIG, at the PGA Merchandise Show in January when the Golf Channel’s Lauren Thompson named it her favorite product of the show. A number of teaching professionals have since added their testimonial including highly acclaimed instructor and author of the book ‘The Final Missing Piece of Ben Hogan’s Secret Puzzle’ VJ Trolio who appears on three videos on the MISIG web site explaining how it benefits certain golfers. Fourteen-time PGA Tour winner Hal Sutton also speaks glowingly. “As we age, anything that helps us loosen up is a great benefit,” he says. “The MISIG does it well. It really is a great device.”

Sutton is just one of the 36 PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour players Fay says is using the MISIG, which helps golfers maintain a relatively straight left arm (for right-handed golfers), hinge the wrists correctly, swing back on the inside, and improve their range of motion.

For all the positive feedback he has received, however, it is perhaps Fay himself who can attest to the product’s efficacy the best. “I was a 25 handicap before I started using my own device, and now I am a 15,” he says. “That’s a pretty big improvement in just a few months.”

For more information please visit, www.feelthestretch.com.



골프에서 가장 중요한 스트레치(The Most Important Stretch in Golf – MISIG)

스트레치, 스윙, 연습, 반복. 1세트에 5,6번씩 핸들바를 올림으로써 골프에서 가장 중요한 스트레치 (MISIG) 매일하는 운동이나 준비 운동으로 만들어라. 골퍼들은 금방 강한 골프 근육을 만들 있고 좋아진 유연성 늘어난 힘줄과 근육 그리고 향상된 신체 움직임으로 인해 부상을 피할 있다. 신체적 향상과 함께 플레이어들은 스윙 기술의 이해를 하게 것이다 MISIG 근육 메모리를 만들고 일관성과 향상된 샷을 만들게 하는 스윙의 탑에서의 올바른 전환으로 올바른 테이크어웨이를 만들어 내는 엄청난 스트레칭 방법이다.

 Bernie Fay 12 친구와 레슬링을 하다 어깨와 팔꿈치를 잇는 뼈가 부러졌다. 수년이 지나 부정교합은 심각한 관절염을 초래했고, 후에 골프 선수가 되어 1년에 100 이상의 라운드를 뛰어야 하는 사람은 고통이 가시지 않으면 백스윙이 불가능했다.

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